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Exploring Flower Type Significances

You know Mother Nature is magnificent when she grows her own jewellery. Since the dawn of time, flowers have been known to personify a number of human ideas and emotions. Reflecting the perfect beauty of the natural world, flowers can sometimes symbolize other things as well. In fact, flowers are used to this day to both signify and decorate, which is why knowing their meanings is so important. Without understanding the hidden symbolism behind each of the most commonly grown

The advantages of buying Australian native flowers or wildflowers instead of commercially grown flowers

There are several advantages of buying Australian native flowers or wildflowers instead of commercially grown flowers, including: Unique and DistinctiveAustralian native and wildflowers are unique and distinctive, with their own natural beauty, shapes, and colors. They are not only visually striking, but they also offer a diverse range of textures and scents that are not found in commercially grown flowers. Environmentally FriendlyAustralian native and wildflowers are grown in their natural habitat, which means they require less water, pesticides, and fertilizers

Why you must choose a local florist when ordering a flower delivery to Perth?

If it seems like around every corner there is a new advertisement for some online flower delivery service, and that it’s impossible to get away from all of these companies operating online, that’s because the market has been absolutely flooded with these “middleman” services – and charging skyhigh prices for the same arrangements and services a local florist like Spearwood Florist can provide. There are a lot of different benefits to moving forward with local florists when ordering a delivery

Learn about Australia’s National Flower

The lovely Wattle Flower or Golden Wattle, is the national flower of Australia. This flower has a cheery saffron hue and it’s known by the scientific name, Acacia pycnantha Benth. You’ll find the Wattle Flower on many Aussie stamps and it’s also displayed on the emblem of the Order of Australia. To help you learn more facts about Australia’s favorite flower, we’ve created a fun and comprehensive guide… We’ll share some basic facts about this flower and also talk about

Different Types of Roses

Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world and one of the most popular as well. Roses are given as gifts as a symbol of love and beauty. They are so beautiful because they require such a special care that makes them bloom bold and jaw-dropping colours. What most people don’t know is that there are many different types and styles of roses which make them the truly unique flower that they are. They are separated into different groups

A Closer Look at NSW Cut Flower Exports

There are many beautiful flowers grown in Australia. Of those, native and South African transplants make up up to 15% of a A$202 million a year industry for NSW. Many of the native flowers that are part of this significant industry are easily grown and beautiful. The following is a more in depth look at some of the examples of the native New South Whales and South African flowers that make up the fifteen percent. Waratah Waratah – Telopea Speciosissma–

Orchids: Basic Care

The orchid family is quite large, but also one whose extremes are still identifiable as orchids, usually. They are the quintessential tropical flower, and anybody who thinks about the tropics will usually have an orchid somewhere in that mental picture. The Northern Territory and Queensland are wonderful places to find orchids, and as a specialist in tropical flowers and foliage, we are lucky to share a home with some stunningly beautiful natives. Here, we’ll talk a little about orchid care

Top Floral Exports In Australia

There are some flowers that will always a place among the top ranks for sales. Roses for example can be considered the diamond of flowers. They are a symbol for love, romance, and friendship and considered among the top gifts for suitors to give. But what makes the rose a best selling flower? What other flowers are popular? What makes them popular? The following is a look at the answers to these questions. When trying to decide what crop to

The Importance of Filling A Niche

The cut flower industry in Australia is comprised of hard working flower farmers, who use both traditionally grown and hydroponic methods to produce a significant portion of Australia’s floral demands. With the rising costs of living, the costs associated with growing flowers also continues to climb. These increases can put a strain on some growers that struggle to turn a profit. One way in which growers can improve their profits and continue to evolve past economic challenges, is to keep