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Orchids: Basic Care

The orchid family is quite large, but also one whose extremes are still identifiable as orchids, usually. They are the quintessential tropical flower, and anybody who thinks about the tropics will usually have an orchid somewhere in that mental picture. The Northern Territory and Queensland are wonderful places to find orchids, and as a specialist in tropical flowers and foliage, we are lucky to share a home with some stunningly beautiful natives. Here, we’ll talk a little about orchid care

Top Floral Exports In Australia

There are some flowers that will always a place among the top ranks for sales. Roses for example can be considered the diamond of flowers. They are a symbol for love, romance, and friendship and considered among the top gifts for suitors to give. But what makes the rose a best selling flower? What other flowers are popular? What makes them popular? The following is a look at the answers to these questions. When trying to decide what crop to